Native App vs Hybrid App

Today’s people are spending more & more time on their smartphones.

Mobile devices have become the centre of attention in businesses such as Hotels & Restaurants, Shopping, Tours & Travels, Ticketing Sites, Banking, etc.

Mobile apps are primary way to increase sales for their business growth.

There are 2 types of App: Hybride app & Native app

Difference between Hybrid app and native app

Hybrid app

Native app

A hybrid application (hybrid app) is combination of both native and Web applications.

A native mobile app is an application that is coded in a specific platform or specific programming language.

Development is faster than native app.

Development is slow.

It is Portable(one code can be used in multiple platform)

Provides good UI to users to quickly learn app.

App performance is medium.

provide rapid performance and accuracy.

These are the latest HTML5 apps

This refers to app built for a specific operating system

Maintainance cost is high.

Maintainance cost is Medium.


Both native and hybrid have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you to decide which type of application provide more benefit to your businesses.

HireMobileDeveloper can provide the best solution which will helpful to grow your bunnies in current era.

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